What’s One Million Soldiers?

‘OneMillionSoldiers – for mental health’ is a project that wants people suffering from a mental disorder to come together and let others know that just because one suffers from anxiety or depression or any other kind of deviation from these terms, he is still a normal person.

‘OneMillionSoldiers – for mental health’ wants to build up a ‘library’ of articles, videos, links and testimonials about depression and anxiety so that everyone with depression and anxiety can understand better what’s happening to them, to let them know they are not alone and that these conditions are successfully being treated or kept under control all over the world.

‘OneMillionSoldiers – for mental health’ wants to build up a community of at least one million people who have the courage to tell the world what they feel about depression and anxiety. You can either suffer from depression or anxiety, or you can just be someone who knows someone with these conditions, or you just happened to stop by and want to let us know we have your support. For these testimonials please click on the ‘How to – Testimonials’ menu.

‘OneMillionSoldiers – for mental health’ is a project that wants to gather one million soldiers who will change the world and the lives of people who are labeled and not understood just because they have a mental disorder; the life of those who label, who will become our supporters once they understand correctly what depression and anxiety are really all about.

‘OneMillionSoldiers – for mental health’ aims to change the perspective that  having depression or some type of anxiety disorder means you are weak, lazy or crazy. Depression and anxiety are medical conditions just like diabetes or asthma. It is not the same as being excessively sad for a day.

Become someone who engages in changing what one feels is wrong in our society.

Act where it matters. Leave a testimonial.


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